Tikkie app

Adding a new feature
Academic project
User Interview, A/B Testing, User flow, Wireframes, Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD)
1 week
David Morales
UX designer, UI designer



This process started with an interview trying to understand my stakeholder's pain points and the context when he uses the app.


After our first meeting I could identify the JTBD and the main pain points:


  • The main JTBD is to facilitate the process of paying a shared bill
  • The functional aspect is to let your friends know how much money they owe you.
  • The emotional/personal job is to be sure that you got back the money that you paid for them.
  • The emotional/social job is to enjoy the moment without having to worry about the bill.

Pain points:

  • Not having an organized payment page
  • Not knowing what is paid and what is pending
  • No option to delete all paid tikkies at once


For each pain point I designed a solution:

  • To organize the payments I decided to modify the homepage by dividing tikkies between paid and pending and incorporating in the top menu the two options to navigate between them.
  • For an singular tikke screen I decided to change the sentence "1 out of 3 confirmed"  for "1 out of 3 paid" making easier to understand for our users. In this screen, in order to make possible keep track of the people that paid you a tikkie and who is still pending I divided it by users making clear which person already paid and for those "Pending" to paid that tikkie I made possible to send a reminder tikkie by wassap incorporating a whatsapp icon.
  • To incorporate the "delete all" option I decided to keep the simplicity of the app and I used the floating action button (FAB) in the paid tikkies screen to do it.